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Tiger-Sul Products is the first sulphur fertilizer company in the world to utilize drop-form technology to produce a high quality 90% degradable agricultural sulphur product from 99% industrial grade sulphur. Tiger-Sul's sulphur products have increased fertilizer use efficiency on the farm and are used around the world to address sulphur deficiencies and to amend soil conditions.

Tiger-Sul is now the world's largest producer of 90% pastille sulphur fertilizer. Trademarked as TIGER 90CR® sulphur, this innovative product is exported throughout North America, South America, New Zealand, Australia, Europe, China and to other countries on every continent around the world.

Tiger-Sul Products also manufactures and markets a full line of granular micronutrient products to help meet growing demand for world food production. Trademarked as TIGER MICRONUTRIENTS® fertilizers the premium micronutrients line addresses the many issues related to micronutrient fertilizer sources. TIGER MICRONUTRIENTS fertilizers provide a season long release of both Tiger-Sul sulphur and micronutrients, feeding the growing plant efficiently while minimizing losses to the environment.

Other specialty products such as Accu-Seed™, provides advanced seed bulking technology for small seeded crops, making it easier and economical for farmers to achieve target seeding rates.

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