When you notice a problem up in your trees, look down for a solution!

Tiger Greening Guard – Citrus Mix is a unique blend of micronutrients specially formulated to keep citrus trees healthier and more productive throughout their lives. Tiger Greening Guard Citrus Mix is recommended for soils with a pH over 6.0. and may be blended with other dry fertilizer applications. Apply Tiger Greening Guard Citrus Mix to citrus groves at a rate of 50 lbs. per acre 3 to 4 times per year. Monitor soil pH in the citrus groves to ensure the soil pH does not fall below 6.0. Should soil pH fall below 6.0, reduce the amount/number of applications of Greening Guard applied. If soil test analysis does not report a pH increase within one year, add agricultural lime based on soil test recommendations. Consult your citrus crop advisor, Tiger-Sul Account Representative or Tiger-Sul Agronomist for more information.


Presentations from the 2020 Citrus Expo