WESTPORT, Conn., USA— (January 22, 2015)—Global Agricultural firm H.J. Baker, announced today the release of TIGER XP®, an innovative new sulphur bentonite product with a propriety activator that sets a new industry standard for release rates and overall product performance.

TIGER XP is good news for farmers. After years of dedicated research and development, Tiger-Sul introduces this next generation product with a proprietary activator – ensuring farmers have a well-balanced nutrient replacement program.

The timely application of new TIGER XP can address early season soil sulphate deficiencies with more plant available sulphate during critical early growth stages. And, it consistently offers higher sulphate levels throughout the entire growing season. TIGER XP can help growers achieve a balanced soil fertility program that results in improved yields. TIGER XP provides both agronomic and economic crop production benefits to the farmer.

TIGER XP trial results show that it clearly provides higher sulphate release rates compared to traditional sulphur bentonite products. TIGER XP also improves availability of other nutrients, optimizing a plant’s potential and leading to greater overall crop productivity. TIGER XP’s dark gray color helps differentiate it from traditional sulphur bentonite products. TIGER XP improves handling safety. Its innovative coating suppresses dust, going beyond industry standards in both safe handling and ease of use. TIGER XP delivers premium quality and is the next leap forward in great crop performance.

“TIGER XP’s composition and performance capabilities are unique – an industry breakthrough that will improve crop performance all over the world,” said Steve Azzarello, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at H.J. Baker. “As important, this product is safer to handle. With a new dust suppressant coating, TIGER XP exemplifies H.J. Baker’s commitment to R&D, our industry partners, and our customers,” Azzarello added.

H.J. Baker has been a global manufacturer and supplier of agricultural goods and services for 164 years. H.J. Baker has built relationships that last decades, and continues to invest in innovative products, the environment and the community. The company’s strategically located processing plants, offices and warehouses create a super-efficient pipeline for the vital commodities and products that it sources, manufactures and markets. H.J. Baker is headquartered in Westport, Connecticut, USA.

Tiger-Sul Products is a wholly-owned subsidiary of H.J. Baker & Bro., Inc., which is based in Westport, Conn. Tiger-Sul Products is a global leader in Sulphur Bentonite, Sulphur Bentonite Micronutrients technology, and other well-established products with more than 40 years of operational excellence. TIGER XP is a registered trademark of Tiger-Sul Products (Canada) Co.