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Tiger-Sul, Inc. is a global leader in sulphur bentonite, micronutrient-enhanced sulphur and other crop performance products. Since 1964 Tiger-Sul, Inc. has been a world leader in Sulphur fertilizer industry, earning a reputation for providing premium-quality products and extraordinary customer service. Our collective skills, industry knowledge and integrity benefit our customers, suppliers, business partners, employees and the community.

As an international manufacturer, importer & exporter, Tiger-Sul,Inc. is able to mobilize resources throughout the world. The company’s strategically-located processing plants, offices and warehouses create an efficient pipeline for the vital commodities and crop performance products it manufactures and markets.

Our Values

Tiger-Sul focuses on three main values: service, integrity and quality.

Service – We strive to ensure our customers are provided with product information that will assist in generating the best value for their fertilizer dollar. Providing excellent customer service ensures that customers feel valued and know that we stand behind our products.

Integrity – Respect for our customers, employees, the public and the environment is at our core. We routinely have external consultants conduct safety and environmental audits to ensure that we not only meet, but exceed industry standards.

Quality – Our key goal is to provide the best products possible to our consumers. We believe that product quality and customer service are the primary elements that distinguish one producer from the next.

Our Company Guarantee

Tiger-Sul Products takes pride in being a full-service company. Tiger-Sul has taken steps in making our offer to you, our valued customer, even better.

At Tiger-Sul, we guarantee:
High Quality Products
Exceptional Packaging
On-Time Transportation
Sales and Marketing Support 

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