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For over 50 years, Tiger-Sul has provided leading-edge products, including agricultural, organic, turf and seed bulking products, as well as providing molten sulphur transportation services. Tiger-Sul has grown to become a world leader in plant nutrient sulphur, satisfying specialty fertilizer requirements of agricultural customers around the world.

Agriculture and Turf

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Sulphur Fertilizer

Premium Sulphur Products

Tiger-Sul is the leading producer of Bentonite Sulphur, which acts as a crop fertilizer and soil amendment. Our sulphur products quickly degrade and continue to covert to sulphate throughout the growing season. With our range of sulphur-based fertilizers, there is a product for everyone.
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Premium Micronutrients for Crop Production

Tiger-Sul Micronutrient Fertilizers feature turf mixescrop mixes and standard micronutrients. Tiger-Sul Micronutrient fertilizers are made up of thousands of micron-sized oxide particles per pastille, encapsulated in a sulphur bentonite matrix.
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Turf Mixes

Specialty Mixes for Your Turf

As environmental concerns and fertilizer efficiency become more important in the turf industry, look to Tiger-Sul. Tiger-Sul Turf Mix products represent advanced technology, providing turf solutions through slow release technology and innovation. 
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Crop Mixes

Specialty Mixes for Your Crops

In addition to our primary micronutrient formulations, Tiger-Sul has developed crop-specific micronutrient formulations. Tiger-Sul Crop Mixes have a custom analysis that has been tested and designed to provide optimal micronutrient ratios, with added benefits of Tiger-Sul Sulphur. 
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Organic Products

Organic Products

 Tiger-Sul has developed a line of products for today’s organic farmer. With the worldwide demand for organic food, Tiger-Sul recognizes the challenges today’s growers are facing. These products represent a line of granular sulphur and micronutrient products designed to meet the organic production challenges. 
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Minimize Seed Costs

AccuSeed™ bulking technology allows the grower to accurately apply small seeded crops such as canola and rapeseed with little worry about over or under applications in seeding operations. As production costs increase, it is essential over or under seed applications are minimized. 
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Industrial Sulphur

Maximum Safety, Easier Handling

The material is formed from pure molten sulphur using a drop-forming process. A compacted granular product that minimizes dust creation is formed. This manufacturing process allows Tiger-Sul to deliver a quality material that surpasses the requirements of even the most stringent standards.
Industrial Sulphur
Tiger-Sul Molten transportation truck

Sulphur Transportation

20 years of experience in the molten sulphur transportation

Tiger-Sul employs transportation, logistics, and safety coordinators to ensure industry-leading knowledge and service and maintain the highest customer satisfaction. Our strict adherence to safety standards and compliance issues maintains Tiger Transportation as a dedicated provider of molten sulphur transportation.
Sulphur Transportation
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