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Tiger Magna-Sul 5

Granular Micronutrient Fertilizer


Manga-Sul 5% is a unique, micronutrient fertilizer that delivers agronomic and economic benefits, and provides excellent handling characteristics.

Manga-Sul 5% provides a cost effective method of correcting manganese deficiencies.  Manganese deficiencies affect many enzymes in the plant. Manganese deficiency commonly appears on new plant growth, as manganese within the plant is not a mobile nutrient. Deficiencies exhibit as interveinal chlorosis, grey specs on oat leaves, interveinal brown spots or streaks on barley leaves, stunted plants, short, spindly stems, and a limp or wilted appearance. Cereals low on Manganese will also be more susceptible to root-rot diseases. Consult an agronomic consultant regarding manganese deficiencies if unsure of symptoms.

Magna-Sul 5% Key Features

Manga-Sul 5% is a new formulation of granular micronutrients that offers several improved features over conventional micronutrient sources.

  • Improved handling with cleaner (less dust) and uniform sizing.
  • “Low” analysis products allows for greater micronutrient distribution and performance.
  • Dual nutrient formulations allows for greater value over conventional source.

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