Water-Dispersible Sulphur Microgranules

Tiger-Sul Products, the world’s largest sulphur bentonite manufacturer, has recently partnered with the world’s largest water dispersible sulphur granule manufacturer, Sulphur mills limited (SML), to become U.S. and Canada’s exclusive sales agent of the global company’s patented sulphur- and zinc-based water dispersible granular nutrition products.

See realtime dispersion of Techno-S Microgranules in water.

Techno-S (90% S) and Techno-Z (15% Zn + 70% S) are manufactured by Sulphur mills limited, a leading manufacturer of sulphur-based fertilizers for over 40 years. Both water dispersible granule (WDG) products suspend quickly in liquids. With ultra-small particle sizes of 2-4 microns, Techno-S and Techno-Z are well-suited for tank mixing with other approved products. Once applied to soil, they are oxidized quickly by soil bacteria into plant available sulphate, due to the high percentage of small particle sizes.

Techno-S is a sulphur micro-granular fertilizer with patented Optimum Release Technology (ORT) that help meet the sulphur requirements of crops, as part of a balanced nutrition program.

The 90% elemental sulphur micro-granule formulation of Techno-S:

  • provides high nutrient density
  • improves application distribution
  • has greater surface area which can allow for quicker oxidation into plant-available sulphate

Techno-Z is a sulphur-enhanced, zinc micro-granular fertilizer, with patented Optimum Release Technology (ORT) to help meet the zinc requirements of crops, as part of a planned nutrition program. ORT Technology, allows for prolonged zinc availability.

The 15% zinc and 70% elemental sulphur micro-granule formulation of Techno-Z:

  • provides high nutrient density
  • enhances consistent application distribution
  • provides a larger surface area for microbial activity which can result in rapid sulphur oxidation and zinc oxide conversion to plant available nutrients

Safety Data Sheet – Techno-S
Safety Data Sheet – Techno-Z

Specifications – Techno-S
Specifications – Techno-Z

Product Label – Techno-S
Product Label – Techno-Z

Non-Nutritive Metals Report – Techno-S
Non-Nutritive Metals Report – Techno-Z

Certificate of Analysis – Techno-S
Certificate of Analysis – Techno-Z

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