Specialty Mixes for Your Turf

As environmental concerns and fertilizer efficiency become more important in the turf industry, look to Tiger-Sul. Tiger-Sul Turf Mix products represent advanced technology, providing turf solutions through slow release technology and innovation.

Better Turf with Tiger-Sul

Use TIGER 90CR Turf Mix as a sulphur source and soil amendment to improve turf growth and water penetration. TIGER 90CR® Turf Mix improves nitrogen utilization, and reduces nitrate leaching when used in a balanced turf fertility program. Improve water penetration on soils that contain high sodium levels, or irrigation water that is also high in sodium. When used as directed TIGER 90CR® Turf Mix will improve the overall quality and health of the turf.

TIGER 90CR Turf Key Features
• Ease of Handling
• Improved Degradability
• Better Turf Health


Provide Season Long Turf Nutrition

Tiger-Sul Turf Mix I provides season long nutrition of key turf nutrients. The homogeneous mix of the three key nutrients for turf management (Sulphur, Iron and Manganese) increases nitrogen uptake and reduces nitrate leaching. The season long release of the essential turf elements ensures turf has access throughout the growing period. Turf Mix I is a blend of 82% Sulphur, 3.5% Iron and 1.5% Manganese.

Turf Mix I Key Features
• Reduced Heavy Metal Content
• Non-Staining Formulation
• Low Analysis Product
• Greater Micronutrient Distribution
• Quick Dispersion and Increased Performance

Tiger-Sul Turf Mix I Resources
Safety Data Sheet (English)
Safety Data Sheet (Spanish)
Safety Data Sheet (French)

Enhance Turf Production

Our low analysis Tiger-Sul® Iron 22% contains 22% Iron and 55% Sulphur. The low iron analysis allows for optimum feeding sites for your turf.

Iron 22% Key Features

  • Clean handling
  • Increased feeding sites
  • Low heavy metal content
  • Uniform sizing

Tiger-Sul Iron 22% Resources
Safety Data

Handling Sulphur Safely

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