Micronutrients are essential to plant growth and are utilized by in very small quantities by crops. Farmers are beginning to add micronutrients to their overall fertility programs as micronutrient deficiencies are being diagnosed more frequently.

Higher soil pH levels can also cause a reduction in micronutrient availability in crops. When micronutrient deficiencies become a limiting factor, crop inputs may not be fully utilized by the plants. Deficient plants will only grow/develop to the level the most limiting nutrient(s) will allow. Tiger-Sul’s Micronutrient Crop Mixes can provide plants with much needed micronutrients. Tiger-Sul’s agronomists visit with customers, review both crop needs and aggregate soil testing reports in order to formulate specific crop mixes to meet farmers’ needs for micronutrients.

Consult current plant tissue analysis, soil test and/or crop consultant for specific recommendations.