Thank you for visiting the Tiger-Sul Webinar Page. Here is the recording of our latest webinar that aired on Thursday, August 19th, 2021 at 1:30 PM CDT.

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Sulphur: A Diverse Product for Diverse Crops

Wesley Haun, Certified Professional Agronomist (CPAg), Certified Professional Soil Scientist (CPSS), and Certified Crop Adviser (CCA), answered questions about sulphur bentonite and its practical applications to various crops including cotton, soybeans, and corn.

Real-world questions that were answered in this webinar include:

  • How can growers maximize nutrient efficiency with sulphur?
  • What is the key to recognizing sulphur deficiency symptoms?
  • What is the functionality of Tiger-Sul products and sulphate products?
  • What is the difference between nutrient removal vs nutrient uptake?
  • Does Tiger-Sul conduct ongoing sulphur fertilizer research?
  • What are the best application methods and timing for sulphur fertilizers?
  • What is the difference between elemental sulphur and sulphur bentonite?

Who should watch:

  • Crop Consultants/Certified Crop Advisers
  • Retail Agronomy Sales People
  • Agronomists and Researchers
  • Extension Educators
  • Growers

Tiger-Sul products contain elemental sulphur and bentonite clay. Some products also include micronutrients. All products have low-salt index and provide gradual release of plant available sulphate and/or micronutrients. Watch to learn how Tiger 90CR®, Tiger XP®, and Tiger Micronutrients® can be of value to you and your client’s crop production program.