Wesley Haun, CPAg, CPSS, CCA will discuss sulphur’s role in maximizing the crop’s ability to take-up and utilize sulphur as well as many of the other essential nutrients. Plant metabolism including protein synthesis, photosynthesis, and nitrogen fixation is directly influenced by sulphur. Some of the mechanisms that sulphur influences during nutrient uptake and transport will be presented. A complete nutrient management plan should include sulphur as it has a synergetic effect on crop growth and productivity.

What you will learn:

  • Sulphur’s role in plant nutrition
  • How sulphur enhances uptake and utilization of other nutrients
  • Variation in sulphur forms
  • Nutrient uptake mechanisms

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    If you need CCA-CEU, you may “self-report” 0.5 hour for nutrient management credit with this link: https://www.certifiedcropadviser.org/