Rely on the Expertise of Tiger-Sul® to Raise Everyone’s ROI

Tiger-Sul Products maintains the world’s largest sulphur bentonite technical support team. Let Tiger-Sul help your sales teams and customers by providing product and technical training to teach functionality, purpose, selection, application rates, and techniques. Tiger-Sul’s dedicated agronomists will share resources and expertise to teach the agronomic and sales benefits of sulphur bentonite and other Tiger-Sul technology – as a free, value-added service! Contact your local Tiger-Sul representative to schedule a training or educational session today.

Why Sulphur Bentonite? 

University and independent research proves that sulphur bentonite is superior to pure elemental sulphur  in many ways.

  • Tiger-Sul’s sulphur bentonite converts to sulphate faster than pure elemental sulphur.
  • This quicker conversion enables season-long plant nutrition and greater yield potential.
  • Planned applications of Tiger 90CR® or Tiger XP® will improve soil sulphur levels and minimize loss associated with leachable nutrients.

Why Tiger-Sul?

  • Tiger-Sul offers training and marketing support to ensure your growers fully realize the benefits of utilizing sulphur bentonite and maximizing their Return On Investment (ROI).
  • Tiger-Sul has the research and development, with data from a wide range of crops and growing conditions, to assist your growers’ unique operations which will help everyone experience business growth.

Tiger-Sul agronomists are available upon request to conduct educational sessions for preferred customers. Agronomy services include: 

  • Coordinating field research of Tiger 90CR and Tiger XP sulphur bentonite and other Tiger-Sul products
  • Dealer/producer product education sessions
  • Train-the-trainer sessions to help make your sales teams even more effective
  • Utilizing research results to support sulphur bentonite sales
  • Providing classroom and in-field agronomic education, including plant and soil diagnostics
  • Writing and publishing agronomic technical bulletins and newsletters