Use this rate guide to determine the pounds per acre of Tiger® Micronutrient Enhanced Sulphur you should apply based on the pounds of acre of raw micronutrients your crop requires.




Break yield barriers with Tiger® Micronutrient Enhanced Sulphur

Tiger Micronutrient Enhanced Sulphur: The Key to Unlocking Yields

Your crops need sulphur. Now you can get sulphur with the added benefit of essential micronutrients with TIGER® Micronutrient Enhanced Sulphur products.

Successful growers understand extra bushels count. They know sulphur and micronutrient deficiencies prevent higher yields. The challenge is applying the right quantities precisely and then converting them into plant available forms.

Improved Spatial Distribution

The uniform size and shape of Tiger Micronutrient Enhanced Sulphur pastilles dramatically improves spatial distribution.

  • In a typical spread pattern, there are more Tiger Micronutrient Enhanced Sulphur pastilles per square foot versus granules of varying sizes used by other micronutrient manufacturers.
  • Tiger Micronutrient Enhanced Sulphur enhances nitrogen fixation, plant metabolism, root strength and yield potential.

Better Precision

Use the Tiger Micronutrient Enhanced Sulphur Application Rate Calculator (above) to help determine recommended amounts and rates.

  • Tiger Micronutrient Enhanced Sulphur pastilles are of similar size and density as other macronutrient particles.
  • This makes for easy and consistent calibration of application equipment and improved placement accuracy for site specific programs.

The Tiger Zone

The nutritional benefits of sulphur are well documented in a wide variety of crops.

  • When soil microbes oxidize sulphur contained in TIGER®  Micronutrient Enhanced Sulphur, they produce a sulfuric acid zone throughout the growing season.
  • This acid creates a soil solution rich in easily absorbable sulfate forms, minimizing issues with loss or tie-up that can occur with other micronutrient products.
  • These water soluble sulfates disperse more broadly along with the sulphur within the soil solution and reach more roots.