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The Sulphur Challenge

Sulphur always has, and always will be, an important part of crop nutrition. Today, reductions in sulphur emissions are creating an ever-increasing global need for fertilizers that contain sulphur. This fact, combined with leaching, has created sulphur deficiencies in many areas of the world. The absence of sulphur affects crop yield, crop quality and — ultimately — profitability. The Sulphur Challenge is how to economically combat sulphur deficiencies and ensure healthy crops. Our solution? Tiger® Sulphur Bentonite.

The Effects of Sulphur Deficiency

Severe sulphur deficiency symptoms typically include:

  • Slow growth rate with delayed maturity, particularly with cereals
  • Young leaves that are light green to yellowish color, with even lighter colored veins
  • Yellowing of the leaves that is often confused with N deficiency
  • Reduced nodulation of legumes
  • Spotting and/or cupping of leaves

Sulphur deficiency has become a more important factor in soil fertility plans. Including Sulphur in your soil fertility program can provide many benefits because sulphur:

  • Is required for nitrogen fixation
  • Enhances nitrogen use efficiency
  • Is essential for protein synthesis
  • Improves availability of phosphorus and some micronutrients

Sulphur Soil amending Properties

Sulphur is ideally suited for soil amending high pH, saline, or alkalai soils. It quickly creates sulphuric acid for immediate and season long soil amending needs. In all cases, Tiger-Sul recommends that professional advice be taken prior to starting a soil amending program.

  1. Apply appropriate amount of Tiger Sulphur according to soil amending needs recommended by soil tests or agronomist recommendations.
  2. Monitor soil pH levels and determine if additional Tiger Sulphur applications are required.



Sulphur Products

Tiger-Sul Products developed our products after years of dedicated research and development. Our operations and sales staff take great pride in manufacturing and representing Tiger-Sul Products. Our commitment is to deliver the absolute best quality and the best service available.

Tiger-Sul PastillesTiger 90CR Sulphur

Tiger 85CR Sulphur

Tiger XP

All Sulphur Products

Organic Products

For use in organic production. These products are OMRI listed. Tiger-Sul Products has developed a line of organic products for today’s organic farmer. With the worldwide demand growing for organic foods, Tiger-Sul recognizes the challenges growers are facing. Tiger-Sul’s portfolio of products includes granular sulphur and granular sulphur with micronutrients designed to meet the organic production requirements.

Tiger 90CR – Organic

Tiger 85CR – Organic

Tiger Micronutrients – Organic

Water-Dispersible Sulphur

Techno-S™ (90% S) and Techno-Z™ (15% Zn + 70% S) are manufactured by Sulphur mills limited, a leading manufacturer of sulphur-based fertilizers for over 40 years. Both water dispersible granule (WDG) products suspend quickly in liquids. With ultra-small particle sizes of 2-4 microns, Techno-S and Techno-Z are well-suited for tank mixing with other approved products.

Techno – S

Techno – Z

Tiger-Sul University

Be sure to check out the Tiger-Sul University for technical documents and learning materials: Agronomic White Papers, Agronomic Tech Bulletins, Field Trials, TigerTech® Newsletters, Plant Diagnostics Technical Library, Plant Diagnostics Image Library, Safely Handling Sulphur Fertilizer, Sulphur Uptake Calculator, and Webinars

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