Presented by Brad Miller, Vice-President of Operations of Tiger-Sul Products. Brad discussed the basics of safely handling sulphur fertilizer products. During this course you will learn the

  • Benefits of Safety in the Workplace
  • Handling Sulphur Safely
  • Hazard Information



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Safely Handling Sulphur Fertilizer Quiz

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It’s best to handle sulphur with a conveyor to minimize breakage and dust, and to store in a hopper bottom bin, preventing moisture from entering the bin.

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The key elements to consider for handling sulphur fertilizers safely are:

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An effective Safety Program:

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Sulphur dust or residue can have an irritant action to those individuals with sensitive skin.

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Sulphur fires emit sulphur dioxide. All precautions should be taken such as a breathing apparatus or approved gas mask should be used and fumes from fire should be avoided.

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Tiger 90CR® Sulphur is NOT considered a controlled product or dangerous good.

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Solid sulphur is virtually nontoxic and can be taken in fairly large doses without injury.

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When storing Tiger-Sul sulphur fertilizers, it’s NOT important to keep moisture away from the products.

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Sulphur dust may irritate your respiratory passages if only a large volume of dust is inhaled.

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It’s not important to have adequate ventilation when handling sulphur if dust is  present.

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In a dusty environment with sulphur dust present, a dust type respirator, safety glasses with a dust type fitting, clothes that are buttoned up with sleeves rolled down, and protective gloves should be worn.

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If a sulphur fire were to occur you can extinguish the fire by:

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Sulphur dust does not irritate the inner surfaces of the eye lids.

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