Tiger HumiK™ is a jointly-developed product with HGS BioScience and Tiger-Sul Products. It provides plant nutrient sulphur along with functional carbon (humic acids). The humates are sourced from the highest quality North American deposits of leonardite. Unlike other sources of functional carbon, leonardite produces a more bioactive form of humic acid due to the presence of more phenolic and carboxylic functional groups. The guaranteed analysis of Tiger HumiK is 85% Sulphur, 4% Humic Material, and 11% Bentonite. Application rates should follow agronomist suggestions based on crop requirements, soil, and plant tissue sample analyses.

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What is Humic Acid?

Humic Acid, consisting of mostly carbon and oxygen with a few other trace elements, is naturally produced by decaying organic matter in the soil. It is an important end product of this biological decay.

How does Humic Acid help my crops?

  • Benefits of Humic Substances: There are numerous studies showing the positive impact of humic substances on plant growth, increased root structure, improved nutrient uptake, and potential higher yields.
  • Humic acids have also been shown to increase the concentration of organic matter, carbon, and microbes in the soil.
  • Humic acid has been found to increase the effectiveness of nitrogen in the soil and reduce the environmental impact of nitrogen application in corn-wheat rotation.
  • The addition of humic acid to the soil may increase phosphorus uptake.
  • Based on estimates from remote sensing, satellite-based carbon quantification methods, humic acid improves carbon sequestration.

85% SULPHUR + 4% HUMIC =

Benefits of Sulphur Bentonite

Benefits of Functional Carbon


  • Required for nitrogen fixation
  • Enhances nitrogen use efficiency (NUE)
  • Essential for protein synthesis
  • Improves availability of phosphorus and select micronutrients

Humid Acid

  • Improved soil health and structure
  • Co-transports micronutrients and regulates pH of soil

Bentonite Clay

  • Adding bentonite to elemental sulphur increases water absorption of the pastille causing swelling and fracturing into smaller sulphur particles
  • Smaller sulphur particles provide greater surface area for bacteria to feed on the sulphur and convert to plant available SO4

Fulvic Acid

  • Chelates molecules and transports micronutrients
  • Carries bioactive molecules into the plant
  • Small molecular size contributes to effective absorption by plant



Trials of Tiger HumiK 4% have demonstrated strong performance in corn, potatoes, and cotton

Corn: Results of 5 trials in four states over two years; Potatoes: Results of 4 trials in 2 states (Wisconsin & Idaho) from 2020 – 2022;
Cotton: Result of 5 trials (3 in Mississippi, 2 in Arkansas) from 2020 – 2022

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