In maintaining Tiger-Sul’s reputation as the world’s top producer of premium quality sulphur-based fertilizer products, research and development is paramount. We work with our internal team of experts and specialists in the fields of chemistry, agronomy and biology to continually upgrade existing product lines. In order to achieve maximum performance, we have imported fertilizer ingredients for testing from countries around the world to compare and evaluate new Tiger-Sul formulations against current Tiger-Sul standards.

Our commitment to research always has, and always will, drive the future direction of the company to “Innovate, Excel and Perform” for the sake of our customer.


Meet Our Research Team


Wesley Haun
Senior Agronomist, Sales and Research

Wesley Haun is an agronomist with Tiger-Sul Products. He coordinates soil fertility and crop nutrition research with various research organizations in the U.S. and internationally. He leads seminars and publishes technical bulletins and newsletters on applications of sulphur bentonite and micronutrients. His training and publications incorporate research results that demonstrate agronomic benefits of a complete plant nutrient management program that includes products offered by Tiger-Sul.  

Wesley received his Bachelor of Science degree in agricultural mechanization and a Master of Science degree in plant and soil science from the University of Tennessee. His professional certifications include Certified Professional Agronomist (CPAg), Certified Professional Soil Scientist (CPSS) and Certified Crop Adviser (CCA). He has a diverse agronomy background that spans retail sales and consulting at the farm gate to technical agronomist at regional, national and international levels.


David Annis, Jr.
Technical Agronomist

David Annis is a technical agronomist with Tiger-Sul Products working with fellow agronomists, dealers, and farmers to help them manage their soil fertility and maximize their profitability. David understands the agronomic challenges often encountered in agriculture and possesses the knowledge, skills, and abilities to confront them. He conducts trainings and publishes newsletters and technical bulletins on applications of sulphur bentonite and micronutrients. Prior experience includes Texas A&M University, Noble Research Institute and University of Arkansas in the areas of agronomy, entomology, plant pathology, plant growth regulators and precision agriculture.  

David received his Bachelor of Science degree from University of Arkansas in plant protection and pest management and his Master of Science from Arkansas State University in agriculture. His professional certifications include Certified Professional Agronomist (CPAg) and Certified Crop Advisor (CCA). David has focused on practical agronomic solutions, research and education for over 25 years.


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